Monday, August 16, 2010

Bake Sales (and the like) for Charities

When I think of "fund raising" for any charity, particularly for animal charities, I think of asking folks for very small donations BECAUSE (at least in MY OWN mind) I think of whether or not something is worth supporting (in MY value system), then how little TIME I have [time IS money, and I don't have lots of time to (a) prepare food for a charity sale NOR (b) travel a distance to ATTEND the charity sale].

I'd rather give you $2-5 directly (than to attend a charity sale, prepare food or other items FOR a charity sale, or otherwise participate IN a charity sale).

What's worth YOUR time, and what's worth the donors' time?

Who WANTS to support the animal charity?  My advice would be for you to ask them directly?  Figure out your "business plan" so that it works and makes the animal charity fiscally sustainable.


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