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Vstream Zine - the First Ever 54-page Zine about Vegan Blogs - Available Worldwide

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Vstream Zine - the First Ever 54-page Zine about Vegan Blogs - Available Worldwide

San Diego, Ca (Vocus/PRWEB) March 18, 2011

It's officially here the "Vstream Zine - A Vegan Blog Reporter!" Vegan Mainstream is excited to offer the first ever 54-page Zine about Vegan Blogs. It's a compilation of blog recommendations and preferences from your favorite vegans on the planet - not watered down at all. It's sure to become an official guide to the world of vegan blogging.

On Monday, Vegan Mainstream announced the first edition of VStream: The Vegan Blog Reporter. This project started with a simple idea: to create a guide that would help old-school vegans, new veg heads, and people exploring veganism, a list of the best vegan blogs online. However, the team learned quickly that classifying "the best" was nearly impossible because everyone had their own opinion.

So, instead of providing a flavorless list of the top 10 or 25 blogs, Vegan Mainstream asked some top bloggers, influential vegans and their own staff to tell readers about their favorite blogs in their own words.

This compilation of recommendations will equip a novice or expert with new insights to some of the funniest, strangest and most awesome blogs the Vegan community has to offer. In addition, interviews were conducted of fellow bloggers to get their perspective on how they started their blogs, why they think blogging is important to the vegan community and how readers can become more active in the vegan blogosphere.

To top it all off, the Zine includes a directory of 200 vegan blogs. Readers simply click on the links in the digital copy of the Zine to quickly access any blog in the directory.

The Zine is available as a Print or Digital version. The printed version includes a free copy of the digital version, thus creating the best value.

Vegan Mainstream chose a third party to manage the print version to ensure the Vstream Zine is available to a worldwide audience. So, readers anywhere in the globe can access a printed or digital copy.

Download the digital copy today to get instant access to the Vstream Zine. Or get your feet wet with a Free Sneak Peek copy.


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