Friday, May 11, 2012

Petitions | The White House

Petitions | The White House


Exclude hot dogs and other obesity- and cancer-causing foods from photo ops that feature the president.
The nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine believes that food-related photo ops featuring the president, vice president, first family, or members of the cabinet routinely conflict with government health messages. The photos often present foods that contribute most strongly to cancer, obesity, and premature mortality in a favorable light. A typical photo op depicts a president entertaining a foreign dignitary, with both stuffing processed meats or hamburgers into their mouths for the assembled cameras. All recent presidents have been involved in such events. There is no justification for encouraging Americans to eat foods that will harm them and their children. Instead, photo ops that include food should portray government officials eating healthfully.

Created: May 09, 2012
Issues: Health Care!/petition/exclude-hot-dogs-and-other-obesity-and-cancer-causing-foods-photo-ops-feature-president/j5wWlCT6

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